New pricing plans

January 19, 2020

As 2019 is behind us and 2020 is already underway, we are happy to announce the new pricing plans for our API.

The free plan is still free for as long as you need it. Take all the time you need to integrate TAAPI.IO into your trading system and make sure everything works as you expected.

Meet our new Basic plan, which we believe is a great deal for most of our users. It only costs €1.99 per month, or €19.99 if you decide to pay yearly (you get 2 months for free this way). The Basic plan gives you 60 times higher API limits than the free plan – it is much more powerful for the price of a small coffee once a month.

We now also offer the Pro and Expert plans. These are great for active traders who need a lot of API calls.

Go ahead and pick a plan that fits your style. All plans can be paid either monthly or yearly – the yearly option gives you another 20% discount, making the plans even more affordable.

If you’ve tried the free plan and are happy with the service, please consider upgrading, maybe try the Basic plan. It helps us tremendously to cover the cost of servers and keeping the service running and maintained 24/7. We are a very small team and your support is really important and much appreciated.

Also, we are excited about 2020 and have a long list of great features and new indicators coming to our platform soon.

Thank you for using our service, happy trading!