About us

We’re a group of people working on trading bot’s for the crypto market. We found ourselves spending a lot of time coding and testing the actual indicators that we use in our strategies and TA, so naturally we startet looking for some API’s that could serve us this data, but we couldn’t really find any we were satisfied with.

Therefore, as all other projects start, we had an issue that needed to be fixed, and while we’re at it, why not make this freely available for everyone else.

Terms of Service

Please be sure to read and understand our Terms of Service !

In short and human form, it states that you alone are responsible for any information obtained from this website and/or service (API), and you alone are responsible for how you use this information / data. And that TAAPI.IO, can in no way be held responsible for any loss of any kind of assets. TAAPI.IO, furthermore does not in any way guaranty 100% uptime of our own servers and/or but limited to third party services, such as exchanges etc.

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