Indicator endpoints

On this page you will find the complete list of the 206 indicators that TAAPI.IO offers. Click the individual indicators for more information, such as which parameters to use, example API calls etc.

Endpoint Name Category
2crows Two Crows Pattern recognition
3blackcrows Three Black Crows Pattern recognition
3inside Three Inside Up/Down Pattern recognition
3linestrike Three-Line Strike Pattern recognition
3outside Three Outside Up/Down Pattern recognition
3starsinsouth Three Stars In The South Pattern recognition
3whitesoldiers Three Advancing White Soldiers Pattern recognition
abandonedbaby Abandoned Baby Pattern recognition
abs Vector Absolute Value Math Transform
accbands Acceleration Bands Overlap Studies
ad Chaikin A/D Line Volume
add Vector Arithmetic Add Math Operators
adosc Chaikin A/D Oscillator Volume
advanceblock Advance Block Pattern recognition
adx Average Directional Movement Index Momentum
adxr Average Directional Movement Index Rating Momentum
ao Awesome Oscillator Momentum
apo Absolute Price Oscillator Momentum
aroon Aroon Momentum
aroonosc Aroon Oscillator Momentum
atan Vector Trigonometric ATan Math Transform
atr Average True Range Volatility
avgprice Average Price Price
bbands Popular Bollinger Bands Overlap Studies, Trend, Volatility
belthold Belt-hold Pattern recognition
beta Beta Statistic functions
bop Balance Of Power Momentum
breakaway Breakaway Pattern recognition
candle Popular Candle Price
candles Candles Price
cci Popular Commodity Channel Index Momentum
ceil Vector Ceil Math Transform
chop Choppiness Index (CHOP) Oscillators
closingmarubozu Closing Marubozu Pattern recognition
cmf Popular Chaikin Money Flow Volume
cmo Chande Momentum Oscillator Momentum, Oscillators
concealbabyswall Concealing Baby Swallow Pattern recognition
coppockcurve Coppock Curve Oscillators, Overlap Studies
correl Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient Statistic functions
cos Vector Trigonometric Cos Math Transform
counterattack Counterattack Pattern recognition
darkcloudcover Dark Cloud Cover Pattern recognition
dema Double Exponential Moving Average Overlap Studies
div Vector Arithmetic Div Math Operators
dm Directional Movement Oscillators, Trend
dmi Popular Directional Movement Index Oscillators, Trend
doji Popular Doji Pattern recognition
dojistar Doji Star Pattern recognition
donchianchannels Donchian Channels Bands, Breakouts, Overlap Studies, Trend, Volatility
dpo Detrended Price Oscillator Oscillators
dragonflydoji Dragonfly Doji Pattern recognition
dx Directional Movement Index Momentum, Oscillators
ema Popular Updated Exponential Moving Average (EMA) Overlap Studies
engulfing Engulfing Pattern Pattern recognition
eom Ease of Movement Oscillators
eveningdojistar Evening Doji Star Pattern recognition
eveningstar Evening Star Pattern recognition
fibonacciretracement Popular Fibonacci Retracement Overlap Studies
fisher Fisher Transform
floor Vector Floor Math Transform
fosc Forecast Oscillator Oscillators
gapsidesidewhite Up/Down-gap side-by-side white lines Pattern recognition
gravestonedoji Gravestone Doji Pattern recognition
hammer Hammer Pattern recognition
hangingman Hanging Man Pattern recognition
harami Harami Pattern Pattern recognition
haramicross Harami Cross Pattern Pattern recognition
highwave High-Wave Candle Pattern recognition
hikkake Hikkake Pattern Pattern recognition
hikkakemod Modified Hikkake Pattern Pattern recognition
hma Popular Hull Moving Average Overlap Studies
homingpigeon Homing Pigeon Pattern recognition
ht_dcperiod Hilbert Transform – Dominant Cycle Period
ht_dcphase Hilbert Transform – Dominant Cycle Phase
ht_phasor Hilbert Transform – Phasor Components
ht_sine Hilbert Transform – SineWave
ht_trendline Hilbert Transform – Instantaneous Trendline Overlap Studies
ht_trendmode Hilbert Transform – Trend vs Cycle Mode
ichimoku Popular Ichimoku Cloud Momentum, Overlap Studies
identical3crows Identical Three Crows Pattern recognition
inneck In-Neck Pattern Pattern recognition
invertedhammer Inverted Hammer Pattern recognition
kama Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average Overlap Studies
kdj KDJ Overlap Studies
keltnerchannels Keltner Channels Overlap Studies, Volatility
kicking Kicking Pattern recognition
kickingbylength Kicking – bull/bear determined by the longer marubozu Pattern recognition
kvo Klinger Volume Oscillator Oscillators
ladderbottom Ladder Bottom Pattern recognition
lantern Lantern Price
lanterns Lanterns Price
linearreg Linear Regression Statistic functions
linearreg_angle Linear Regression Angle Statistic functions
linearreg_intercept Linear Regression Intercept Statistic functions
linearreg_slope Linear Regression Slope Statistic functions
ln Vector Log Natural Math Transform
log10 Vector Log10 Math Transform
longleggeddoji Long Legged Doji Pattern recognition
longline Long Line Candle Pattern recognition
ma Popular Moving Average Overlap Studies
macd Popular Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) Momentum
macdext MACD with controllable MA type Momentum
mama MESA Adaptive Moving Average Overlap Studies
marketfi Market Facilitation Index Momentum, Trend, Volume
marubozu Marubozu Pattern recognition
mass Mass Index Volatility
matchinglow Matching Low Pattern recognition
mathold Mat Hold Pattern recognition
max Highest value over a specified period Math Operators
maxindex Index of highest value over a specified period Math Operators
medprice Median Price Price
mfi Popular Money Flow Index Momentum, Oscillators
midpoint MidPoint over period Overlap Studies
midprice Midpoint Price over period Overlap Studies
min Lowest value over a specified period Math Operators
minindex Index of lowest value over a specified period Math Operators
minmax Lowest and highest values over a specified period Math Operators
minmaxindex Indexes of lowest and highest values over a specified period Math Operators
minus_di Minus Directional Indicator Momentum
minus_dm Minus Directional Movement Momentum
mom Popular Momentum Momentum
moodix Popular Moodix Sentiment
morningdojistar Morning Doji Star Pattern recognition
morningstar Morning Star Pattern recognition
msw Mesa Sine Wave
mul Vector Multiplication Math Transform
mult Vector Arithmetic Mult Math Operators
natr Normalized Average True Range Volatility
nvi Negative Volume Index Volume
obv On Balance Volume Volume
onneck On-Neck Pattern Pattern recognition
pd Price direction Momentum, Oscillators
piercing Piercing Pattern Pattern recognition
pivotpoints Popular Pivot points Overlap Studies, Support & Resistance, Trend
plus_di Plus Directional Indicator Momentum
plus_dm Plus Directional Movement Momentum
ppo Percentage Price Oscillator Momentum, Oscillators
price Price Price
priorswinghigh Prior Swing High Price
priorswinglow Prior Swing Low Price
psar Popular Updated Parabolic SAR Overlap Studies, Trend
pvi Positive Volume Index Volume
qstick Qstick Trend
rickshawman Rickshaw Man Pattern recognition
risefall3methods Rising/Falling Three Methods Pattern recognition
roc Popular Rate of change Momentum, Oscillators, Trend
rocp Rate of change Percentage Momentum
rocr Rate of change ratio Momentum
rocr100 Rate of change ratio 100 scale Momentum
round Vector Round Math Transform
rsi Popular Relative Strength Index (RSI) Momentum, Oscillators
separatinglines Separating Lines Pattern recognition
shootingstar Shooting Star Pattern recognition
shortline Short Line Candle Pattern recognition
sin Vector Trigonometric Sin Math Transform
sma Simple Moving Average Overlap Studies
smma Smoothed Moving Average (SMMA) Overlap Studies, Trend
spinningtop Spinning Top Pattern recognition
sqrt Vector Square Root Math Operators
stalledpattern Popular Stalled Pattern Pattern recognition
stddev Popular Standard Deviation Statistic functions, Volatility
sticksandwich Stick Sandwich Pattern recognition
stoch Popular Updated Stochastic Momentum, Oscillators
stochf Stochastic Fast Momentum, Oscillators
stochrsi Popular Updated StochRSI – Stochastic Relative Strength Index Momentum, Oscillators
sub Vector Arithmetic Substraction Math Operators
sum Summation Math Operators
supertrend Popular Updated Supertrend Momentum, Trend
t3 Triple Exponential Moving Average (T3) Overlap Studies
takuri Takuri Pattern recognition
tan Vector Trigonometric Tan Math Transform
tanh Vector Trigonometric Tanh Math Transform
tasukigap Tasuki Gap Pattern recognition
tdsequential Popular Tom Demark’s Sequential Momentum
tema Triple Exponential Moving Average Overlap Studies
thrusting Thrusting Pattern Pattern recognition
todeg Vector Degree Conversion Math Transform
torad Vector Radian Conversion Math Transform
tr Popular True range Price
trima Triangular Moving Average Overlap Studies
tristar Tristar Pattern Pattern recognition
trix Popular TRIX Momentum, Oscillators
trunc Vector Truncate Math Transform
tsf Time Series Forecast Statistic functions
typprice Popular Typical Price Price
ultosc Popular Ultimate Oscillator Momentum, Oscillators
unique3river Unique 3 River Pattern recognition
upsidegap2crows Upside Gap Two Crows Pattern recognition
var Variance Statistic functions
vhf Vertical Horizontal Filter
vidya Variable Index Dynamic Average Overlap Studies
volatility Annualized Historical Volatility Volatility
volume Volume Volume
volumesplit Volume Split Volume
vortex Vortex Trend
vosc Volume Oscillator Oscillators, Volume
vwap Popular Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) Overlap Studies, Volume
vwma Volume Weighted Moving Average Overlap Studies, Volume
wad Williams Accumulation/Distribution (A/D) Momentum
wclprice Weighted Close Price Price
wilders Wilders Smoothing Overlap Studies
williamsalligator Williams Alligator Overlap Studies, Trend
willr Williams’ %R Momentum
wma Weighted Moving Average Overlap Studies
xsidegap3methods Upside/Downside Gap Three Methods Pattern recognition
zlema Zero-Lag Exponential Moving Average Overlap Studies

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