Here you will find all the information you need to successfully integrate TAAPI.IO into your trading project.

TAAPI.IO is a service specialised at calculating Technical Analysis (TA) or often referred to as indicators. We provide real-time price data and TA calculations on any crypto trading pair listed on Binance and other exchanges listed on our Exchanges page, as well as the most popular US Stocks and ETFs. Lastly, if you have your own candles, perhaps as a historical data set, you can send them to the API and do calculations on those.

Where ever the term Indicator is used in this documentation, please refer to the Indicators documentation.

Different integration methods available:

Calculate indicators using real-time price data directly from the exchange of your choice (US Stocks, ETFs, Binance, Binance Futures, Bitstamp,, ByBit and other supported exchanges). This method is great for fetching historical data.

Bulk queries provide a convenient way of fetching more than one indicator calculation in just one request. This is great for fetching all the TA you need for a full evaluation of an asset, in just one request. For instance, fetch the RSI, MACD EMA200 all at once.

Calculate indicators from any price data set (candles) you POST to the API. This may be from any Crypto, Stock, Futures, Bonds, Forex Exchanges where you have data from. You can even stack indicators, do additional smoothening by calculating an EMA5 over a series of RSI results or calculate the RSI of the EMA50 if that might have a usecase.

TAAPI.IO provides a variety of utilities and third party integrations that make it easy to use the API even without writing any code.