What is it?

This API is a simple strait forward REST API for fetching Technical Analysis Indicator Data, so that you can focus on your trading strategies and not spend all your time coding indicators.

No Slow

Our API's are very fast. But we can only be as fast as the exchanges are. However, where-ever possible, we hook up to live-feeds to increase performance.

No Money

Yes, it doesn't cost a thing. We are however very happy to accept your generous donations, to help pay the bills. We really appreciate that!

No Support

Shoot us a comment on the About Us page if something isn't working as it should or we got something terribly wrong. Other than that, no support for now.

Who is it for?

This API is primarily intended for Trading Bots, but the sky is the limit as to what it can be used for.


Trading Bots

Create your own trading bots, and let TAAPI.IO do the boring job of servering the indicator data.



Super nerds

You need to be a super nerd to do this. You need to be able to code, and do Technical Analysis at the same time.

What Else?

What Else?

Any Ideas?

If you got any idea's, shoot us a message, and let's see if we can do something cool, instead of going to work every day!

How does it work?

This API is a simple strait forward REST API, meaning that all you need to do is to shoot a GET request to https://api.taapi.io.

Check out the endpoints section for a complete reference of available indicators and their endpoints.


Access & Donations

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Donations are very welcome, feel free to contribute with Bitcoin to help support us.

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