Direct method now supports bulk queries

April 8, 2020

We have updated our popular Direct integration method with a powerful and highly requested feature – bulk queries. You will now be able to conveniently query all the indicators you need in just one call.

See how easy it is to query multiple indicators in a single call, making your trading systems more effective:

    "secret": "MY_SECRET",
    "construct": {
        "exchange": "binance",
        "symbol": "BTC/USDT",
        "interval": "1h",
        "indicators": [
                // Relative Strength Index
	        "indicator": "rsi"
                // Chaikin Money Flow
	        "indicator": "cmf",
	        "period": 20 // Override the default 14
                // MACD Backtracked 1
                "id": "My custom id",
	        "indicator": "macd",
	        "backtrack": 1

Read all about it in our documentation.