Real-time data on a new endpoint now available

October 6, 2020

We are excited to announce that our current endpoint now officially provides all data and indicator values completely in real-time. With every query, every second, you get the latest value available.

You can now easily get an RSI value of a symbol like BTC/USDT updated every second, for example.

Here’s a short video comparing the RSI value from TAAPI.IO and comparing it with a live chart from Trading View:

If you have been using TAAPI.IO for a few months now, please make sure you are sending your queries to our current endpoint (not to take advantage of the real-time values.

If you do not want your app, bot, strategy to work with real-time data, but rather keep on working as it was until now with only the closing values, then you simply need to add the backtrack=1 parameter to your query, and things will work the same as with the now deprecated endpoint.

Please make sure that you adjust your systems / queries before will be shut down on December 1, 2020.