New NPM and PHP client wrappers

January 30, 2023

We are constantly adding new ways to make it easier to integrate TAAPI.IO in your project. Today, we have launched a new and improved NPM client wrapper. This client has been completely rewritten in TypeScript, and is now working with all the great features TAAPI.IO offers, including:

  • Raw candle data
  • Single indicator calls
  • Multiple indicator calls (Bulk)
  • Stocks & Forex
  • Discovering symbols

Get started with ease in your Javascript projects by simply installing taapi:

npm install taapi

New PHP Composer client

We’ve also launched a new PHP client wrapper, which let’s you get started fast with PHP. This wrapper will make it extremely easy and convenient to work with TAAPI in PHP. Simply require taapi in your PHP project:

php composer.phar require taapi/php-client

Python client in the making. We’ll continuously develop more client wrappers. Python is up next, and if you’d like to vote up other clients, please give us a shout out.