Access more historical values easily

June 30, 2023

We are thrilled to announce a powerful new feature on TAAPI.IO that will greatly enhance your experience and streamline your workflow. With the addition of our new optional parameter results=X, to your queries, you can now effortlessly retrieve historical indicator values alongside real-time data using just a single API request.

Get indicator values for every historical candle easily with TAAPI.IO results optional parameter

Effortlessly Access Historical Indicator Values

Traditionally, retrieving historical indicator values required separate API requests, resulting in increased complexity and potentially higher costs. However, with the latest update to TAAPI.IO, all historical data needs can be fulfilled through a single API call. By appending the optional parameter results=X to your query, where “X” represents the number of candles you want to retrieve, you can effortlessly access historical indicator values up until the most recent candle.

Flexible Parameter Options

You have the freedom to choose the number of historical candles you wish to include in your query. For instance, by setting results=10, you will receive historical indicator values for the past 10 candles. Alternatively, you can maximize the historical data retrieval by using the results=max parameter, which provides values for all available historical candles.

Get Started Today

To take advantage of this exciting enhancement, simply integrate the optional parameter results=X into your API queries, where “X” represents the desired number of historical candles.

Example query returning the RSI of BTC/USDT for the past 10 days:

This is how the results are returned:

	"value": [

As always, let us know what other improvements and new features you’d like to see on TAAPI.
Happy trading!