Utilities / 3rd party integrations

TAAPI.IO provides a variety of utilities and third party integrations. These integrations will make it easier to work with TAAPI.IO or add additional functionality.

With Polygon.io you will have all the powers of TAAPI.IO, but using Polygons price action data (candles). Stocks, Forex, Options available here.

Make is a platform that makes it easy to connect to various services and APIs on the internet.

With Retool.com you can with ease, and no coding, create web and mobile apps to power your trading platform. With TAAPI.IO + Retool, you have some powerful tools at your disposal.

With Slack + TAAPI.IO you can easily from within you Slack workspace ask TAAPI.IO for prices and indicator values, historical and in real-time.

Put TAAPI.IO indicator values directly into your Google Sheets easily with no code, using Apipheny.

Take advantage of NPM’s package management, and easily install this wrapper.

The TAAPI.IO Client is a handy utility that does the heavy lifting of fetching candle data from the crypto exchanges using CCXT, and passing it on to the API. You can use it freely to get price data from all crypto exchanges.

Get started fast with PHP & Composer.