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Legacy endpoint shutting down soon

November 3, 2020

You probably already know, but this is just a quick reminder that our old endpoint is now officially deprecated and will stop working in December. Please make a quick check of your setup: Do not use: Use: If you are still sending requests to, please update your bots and systems to use the […]

Bitstamp real-time data available

October 6, 2020

Bitstamp data and indicator values, provided in real-time, are now available. You can query any indicator on any symbol available on the Bitstamp exchange.

Real-time data on a new endpoint now available

October 6, 2020

We are excited to announce that TAAPI.IO now officially provides all data and indicator values completely in real-time. With every query, every second, you get the latest value available.

Pattern recognition examples

October 5, 2020

Finding valuable candlestick patterns like the Evening and Morning Star, Doji, Hammer and many others is easy with TAAPI.IO.

Rate-limiter issues

May 27, 2020

In the past days, our rate-limiter (the component that makes sure you don’t make more API calls than your plan allows) was affected by a technical issue that caused it to not work correctly for some users. In effect, some users might have been blocked before actually reaching a full limit of their plan. We […]

Direct method now supports bulk queries

April 8, 2020

We have updated our popular Direct integration method with a powerful and highly requested feature – bulk queries. You will now be able to conveniently query all the indicators you need in just one call.

Free 14-day trials for paid plans

February 19, 2020

We want everyone to experience the full power of our API, including the powerful features like the bulk queries. That’s why we are enabling free trials for all paid plans.

Bulk Queries

February 14, 2020

Fetch multiple indicators or timeframes in one efficient API call. One of our most requested features is now available.

GraphQL Queries

February 14, 2020

GraphQL is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to APIs. This way of designing and using APIs opens up for a lot of new and exciting possibilities. Obviously TAAPI.IO needs to be on this train! Therefore, TAAPI.IO proudly presents our new GraphQL API and endpoints. Have a look at the new docs pages to read […]

Rate limits

January 25, 2020

Find out how our rate limiter works and what happens if you accidentally get blocked (and what to do to avoid that).

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