is a platform that makes it easy to connect to various services and APIs on the internet. We have integrated a TAAPI.IO App to make it easy to get indicator values and prices directly in Make. It requires a TAAPI.IO secret with any paid plan, along with at least a free plan.

Using will give you a “no code” and intuitive visual approach to designing and creating automated trading bots without writing a single line of code.

When signing up to, please do use our link as it contains our affiliate code. This way you help support us. Thank you.

Top Tip: Make works great with our Integration, which enables you to use Stocks and Forex prices!

Let’s make a scanner that scans an exchange for potential trade setups, and lets us know on Telegram that this coin is worth taking a look at.

In this article we’ll make a full-blown automated algo-trading bot, without writing a single line of code!