is a great collaboration tool. Many SMB and Enterprises use Slack as their main communication / collaboration portal. It allows for a variety of bots to take part of workspaces, and TAAPI.IO is there as well.

Find us in their App Directory by searching for ‘taapi’, or simply hit the Add to Slack button below.

Add to Slack


Setting up is easy. Once TAAPI.IOs app is installed into your workspace and you’ve acquired your taapi secret, you will find our bot in Slack’s left hand side menu. Click this -> Messages and set your secret with:

You should see a success message if all went well


To use TAAPI.IO with Slack you will use what Slack calls “slash-commands”. Find a common channel, or chat with yourself, and try this simple slash-command to get the price of Bitcoin to the US Dollar:

As a more advanced example, we will fetch the 200 period Simple Moving Average for Bitcoin/USD Tether on Binance for the hourly timeframe:

Same query, but latest close value:

Getting Help

For more help, simply ask for help in Slack with:

That’s it!

Hope you enjoy and find this little tool useful! As always, feedback and comments welcome.

Happy Trading!