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  • All indicators
  • 75 API requests / 15 seconds
  • 6000 calculations / minute
  • US Stocks – real-time and historical
  • Crypto data real-time and historical
  • 10 symbols per API request
  • Priority support

7-day Free Trial

This plan allows you to send 75 requests to our API every 15 seconds. You can request up to 20 different calculations with each one of your API requests by optimising your requests into bulk queries. With 75 API requests per 15s, you can get 75×20=1500 calculations per 15s, which adds up to 6000 calculations per 1 minute. Learn more about our rate-limits.

Expert plan also allows you to take advantage of multiple constructs. This means you can query indicators for up to 10 different symbols using just 1 API request. Example: get indicators for TSLA, AAPL and MSFT and spend just 1 API request.


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