Strategies Framework

TAAPI.IO Strategies is a comprehensive framework that makes it easy to develop anything from simple to highly advanced algorithmic strategies. It takes the approach using Finite State Machines or FSM. This makes it very easy to translate a strategy vision into orders execution.

It’s a long way from having an idea for a winning strategy to reaching a point where orders are accurately placed and executed for you while you sleep. Our framework will help you get to that stage by providing you with all the necessary resources and help you to:

  • Build simple and complex strategies
  • Execute all types of orders on various crypto exchanges
  • Effectively build shortlists and market scanners
  • Track strategy performance using built-in UI tools
  • Much more…

The framework is built in Common JavaScript and executed in NodeJS. We’ve chosen JavaScript because it ranges over the largest target audience, and simpler getting started than with JS Modules and TypeScript. Our second choice was Python, however, as a lot of Python developers work with web, Python developers have at some point written JavaScript code to execute client side scripts in the browser.

We provide this framework free of charge. The way we get compensated, is through our partnership deals we have with third parties, such as exchanges and hosting providers. So we kindly ask you to use our links and referral codes to help support us. Thank you!


Introduction to the framework, showcasing the mechanics and the posibilities.

Installation instructions to getting started

Getting started writing a simple bot.

Work with the assets that you’ll be trading. Learn to create manual lists, and get introduced to scanners.

Reduce long lists of trading pairs down to a short list of assets of interest.

Host your bot in the cloud, so it can be working for you, even when you’re AFK.

Learn how to host and run multiple strategies in the distributed environment.

Setup a complete Web based User Interface to interact with your strategies.

Complete framework reference, listing all available classes and methods.