Indicator endpoints

On this page you will find the complete list of the 204 indicators that TAAPI.IO offers. Click the individual indicators for more information, such as which parameters to use, example API calls etc.

Endpoint Name Category
dm Directional Movement Oscillators, Trend
dmi Popular Directional Movement Index Oscillators, Trend
donchianchannels Donchian Channels Bands, Breakouts, Overlap Studies, Trend, Volatility
marketfi Market Facilitation Index Momentum, Trend, Volume
pivotpoints Popular Pivot points Overlap Studies, Support & Resistance, Trend
psar Popular Updated Parabolic SAR Overlap Studies, Trend
qstick Qstick Trend
smma Smoothed Moving Average (SMMA) Overlap Studies, Trend
supertrend Popular Updated Supertrend Momentum, Trend
vortex Vortex Trend
williamsalligator Williams Alligator Overlap Studies, Trend

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